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Who are we? – Bankruptcy Problems

Bankruptcy Problems provides a range of bankruptcy services to residents of Australia.

Are you looking for affordable bankruptcy advice?

Bankruptcy Problems has been assisting people in Australia with bankruptcy for years now and we have the skills and experience to help you find the ideal solution to your financial troubles. We pride ourselves on our ability to help ordinary, everyday people in Australia to turn the daunting bankruptcy procedure into a manageable experience that will help you to build a brighter financial future.  The services offered by Bankruptcy Problems can help to make debt resolution simpler and less expensive than you would have thought possible.

Don’t let your debts pile up while your creditors continue to hound you.  Bankruptcy Problems is your solution to debt worries. Seek the skilled guidance of our bankruptcy experts today and we will help you to successfully navigate the process of bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy Problems will keep your creditors at bay while helping you to find the best course of action to take. Bankruptcy Problems values the people of Australia like no other bankruptcy practitioner.

Our bankruptcy experts are ready to start you on the road to financial recovery today.

At Bankruptcy Problems, we know how demanding it can be to tackle bankruptcy. However, we also know that doing so is always better than doing nothing, so we make it our objective to work with you in Australia to spot issues and handle the financial impact of your bankruptcy to the benefit of all relevant stakeholders and your future commercial dealings.

A debt agreement is an offer to creditors that is permissible under Part IX of the Bankruptcy Act. Bankruptcy Problems recommends Part IX Debt Agreements to people who wish to avoid formal bankruptcy and have adequate resources remaining or small enough debts outstanding to facilitate doing so. Debt Agreements are fundamentally an agreement between you and your creditors, wherein your debts will be seen as settled once you have either payed off the full amount in affordable instalments (generally over a 3-5 year time span), or paid one lump-sum that is less than the total amount due but still satisfactory to your creditors (e.g. you might pay 80 cents on each dollar payable). Bankruptcy Problems can usually offer inexpensive Part IX Debt Agreements to our clients who are insolvent, but have not previously been bankrupt or subject to similar agreements. Speak to Bankruptcy Problems today and find out if you could be eligible for a Part IX Debt Agreement.

Call us today and we can help you to take the right steps to ensure you are approaching bankruptcy the right way.

A second option to avoid formal bankruptcy that is potentially accessible to our clients in Australia is known as a Personal Insolvency Agreement (PIA). Bankruptcy Problems can suggest PIAs under the legislative provisions of Part X of the Bankruptcy Act. Generally, PIAs are for those who have large amounts of debt, but still wish to avoid formal bankruptcy measures. Akin to a Debt Agreement (see above), a PIA will let you pay off your debts in instalments or in a one-off lesser sum. However, as PIAs relate to larger amounts of debt, they necessitate the appointment of a trustee to supervise the arrangement and transfer of assets. Bankruptcy Problems will assign an experienced trustee for you and coordinate the terms of settlement that best serve you. There are, however, certain detriments and consequences to PIAs, so before considering entering into one it is imperative that you speak with the competent bankruptcy experts at Bankruptcy Problems.

As stated above, occasionally your state of affairs will mean that bankruptcy is inevitable. This is nothing to be alarmed about: bankruptcy is a process to help you, not hurt you. If your monetary troubles do necessitate bankruptcy, we can help to guide you through the bankruptcy process in Australia.  Bankruptcy Problems can provide a light at the end of the tunnel and ensure your financial future is secured as quickly and affordably as possible.

Bankruptcy is something that you must take seriously, you need to take immediate action and our team of bankruptcy experts are ready to help you today.